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1.  Bertrand, Audrin ; Eric, Davoine ; Jean-Claude, Métraux
Losses and mourning processes of digitalization of organizational members: the case of checkout automation in Swiss retailing
  Volume XXVII, Numéro XXX, 2021, pp. 2021   Plus de détails
2.  Olivier, Braun ; Agnès, Cecarrelli ; Christine, Morin-Esteves
The contribution of local NGOs to the credibility of social reporting
  Volume XXVII, Numéro XXX, 2021, pp. 2021   Plus de détails
3.  Clotilde, Coron ; Léa, Dorion
From authenticity to fight against violence: an intersectional feminist approach to inclusion based on sex and sexual orientation
  Volume XXX, Numéro 81, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
4.  Esther, Alves ; Vincent, Meyer ; Sarah, Alves
Tattoo and inclusion, being authentically oneself at work
  Volume XXX, Numéro 81, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
5.  Emilie, HENNEQUIN ; Bérangère, CONDOMINES
Inclusion of Employee Caregivers: When Singularity Rhymes with Responsibility
  Volume XXX, Numéro 81, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
6.  Fran, Delhoume ; Penelope, Codello ; Ewan, Oiry
Neurodivergence - Inclusive organizations limited by the pervasiveness of medical model. Lessons from a Critical Interpretive Synthesis
  Volume XXX, Numéro 81, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
7.  Loïc, FOUROT
Social class habitus in top management teams: The functioning of the corporate elite tested by social origins
  Volume XXX, Numéro 81, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
8.  Lauryane, Tassigny ; David, Abonneau ; Serge, Perrot
Inclusion in and through work: the case of the “100% inclusion” project by the Compagnons du Devoir
  Volume XXX, Numéro 81, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
9.  Séverine, VENTOLINI ; Elise, Bonneveux
Introductory article - The inclusive organisation
  Volume XXX, Numéro 81, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
10.  Sans auteurs
Identity Threat and Strategic Responses in a Remote Work Environment
  Volume XXX, Numéro 80, 2024, pp. 2024   Plus de détails
11.  Sans auteurs
The Illusion of Transparency: Examining Power Dynamics in AI Implementation Strategies
  Volume XXX, Numéro 80, 2024, pp. 2024   Plus de détails
12.  Sans auteurs
Motivating people to protect themselves: The case of the first lockdown in France
  Volume XXX, Numéro 80, 2024, pp. 2024   Plus de détails
13.  Sans auteurs
Collective emotional regulation strategies within group discussion in teams: the study of three teams in emotionally at-risk sectors.
  Volume XXX, Numéro 80, 2024, pp. 2024   Plus de détails
14.  Sans auteurs
  Volume XXX, Numéro 80, 2024, pp. 2024   Plus de détails
15.  Emmanuelle, Gurtner ; Yves, Habran ; Renato, Guimaraes
Mobility and staff (un-)safety: the responsibility of the organization and its levers for action in question.
  Volume XXIX, Numéro 79, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
16.  Annabelle, Di Tomaso ; Sara-Maude, Carle ; Anthony, Hassan ; Marie-Pier, Boivin
Support and resilience: key levers in improving work engagement in healthcare personnel
  Volume XXIX, Numéro 79, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
17.  Chloé, Guillot-Soulez ; Claude, Roussillon Soyer
Identity defense strategies in response to dirty work adopted by caregivers in nursing homes
  Volume XXIX, Numéro 79, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
18.  Chantal, Fuhrer
Teleworking as a Factor of Resilience; Few Lessons from this Covid Crisis
  Volume XXIX, Numéro 79, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
19.  Romain, Moretti ; Soufyane, Frimousse
Developing the power to act of hospital practitioners, to "do well" and have an impact: the case of the Calvi-Balagne hospital centre
  Volume XXIX, Numéro 79, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
20.  Brice, Isseki ; Pierre, Buffaz
Health crises and virtual patient communities: What influence do these communities have on patient-members’ trust in their regular doctor?
  Volume XXIX, Numéro 79, 2023, pp. 2023   Plus de détails
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Calls for contributions
Special Issue: Vol.XXXI, Num. CFP_SI_IAORGA ( 2025)
Artificial intelligence in organisations, how to (better) work with it?
Guest editors: Christelle MARTIN LACROUX and Fabienne PEREZ
Deadline : 31/08/2024
Organisations are undergoing a significant transformation, described as the fourth industrial revolution or the era of algorithms. Artificial Intelligence (AI), defined as a technology that allows machines to reproduce human-like behaviours, plays a major role in this, with technologies now widely deployed in organisations. Machine Learning is a notable technology that enables cumulative learning from training data to create algorithmic decision support systems. These technologies are reshaping practices and processes at both team and individual levels. AI has transformed how people collaborate with algorithmic systems and how those systems interact. In recruitment, AI is used in various stages, from information extraction to automated interview analysis. "Augmen ...
Special Issue: Vol.XXXI, Num. CFP_SI_RECHSENSOB ( 2025)
Sensitive research and organisational behaviour: from dilemma to action
Guest editors: Emilie HENNEQUIN, Bérangère CONDOMINES, Philippe JACQUINOT, Olivier GUILLET
Deadline : 31/08/2024
In organizations subjected to a highly competitive environment, with an increasingly fractured work world, the consideration of sensitive topics by companies—pertaining to ethical issues (fraud, deviance, power plays), taboos (addictions), vulnerable individuals (health conditions), disadvantaged groups (discrimination), and marginalized statuses (gray areas of employment relationships)—as well as behaviors related to private life (domestic violence) becomes as pressing as it is complex, often echoing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) challenges. The field of "sensitive research" helps to understand the emotional, managerial, and strategic difficulties faced by all stakeholders (executives, operational managers, employees, researchers, etc.) and to propose an operational framework to g ...
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