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Publications of Sybille Persson
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1.  Franck BARÈS, Sybille PERSSON
Coaching as a stimulus to entrepreneurial potential ?
  Volume XVII, Issue 42, 2011, pp. 179--196   Read more
2.  Christian BOURION, Frank BOURNOIS, Isabelle BARTH, Sybille PERSSON
High inherent danger in the news
  Volume XX, Issue 50, 2014, pp. 43--69   Read more
3.  Christian BOURION, Frank BOURNOIS, Isabelle BARTH, Sybille PERSSON
The risk involved in combatting the dangers on urban residential estates : the Stockholm syndrome
  Volume XX, Issue 50, 2014, pp. 225--261   Read more
4.  Mohamed BAYAD, Sybille PERSSON
Coaching at the service of managerial transformation
  Volume XI, Issue 25, 2005, pp. 63--91   Read more
5.  Christian BOURION, Sybille PERSSON
Stockholm syndrome in the territories of high social danger inherent Street educators and public officials close are they at risk of Stockholm syndrome when they operate in areas of high inherent danger to society. A Case Study
  Volume XIX, Issue 51, 2015, pp. 201--223   Read more
6.  Christian BOURION, Frank BOURNOIS, Isabelle BARTH, Sybille PERSSON
Unlearning, a rudology of the mind
  Volume XIX, Issue 47, 2013, pp. 47--79   Read more
7.  Christian BOURION, Stéphane TRÉBUCQ, Sybille PERSSON
When the search for well-being jeopardizes performance The case of “No e-mails on Friday” or “Friday email embargo”
  Volume XIX, Issue 48, 2013, pp. 221--241   Read more
8.  Christian BOURION, Sybille PERSSON
On-line representations of 313 organizations. Carroll's Pyramid: Actor's Game
  Volume XVI, Issue 38, 2010, pp. 119--146   Read more
9.  Christian BOURION, Sybille PERSSON
The negative factors in the image of public managers. Presentation of the survey on the negative images of managers. Empirico-inductive type exploratory research. Review of professional literature in France up to 2009.
  Volume XVI, Issue 39, 2010, pp. 241--264   Read more
10.  Christian BOURION, Sybille PERSSON
The neurocognitive production of pleasure at work. Presentation of a survey on the positive image of work. Analysis based on feedback and neuroscience
  Volume XVI, Issue 39, 2010, pp. 297--320   Read more
11.  Christian BOURION, Sybille PERSSON
The look of 313 websites on the meaning given to ethics
  Volume XIV, Issue 34, 2008, pp. 227--251   Read more
12.  Christian BOURION, Sybille PERSSON
Codes of conduct and good manners. The weak attention given to them during training. With Alceste 4.9, the theory on critical incidents allows to determine which codes of conduct must be taught in order to divide the error rate by 2.
  Volume XVII, Issue 41, 2011, pp. 303--317   Read more
13.  Silvester IVANAJ, Sybille PERSSON
Factors of choice within an interdisciplinary management learning system
  Volume XII, Issue 28, 2006, pp. 191--209   Read more
14.  Aurélie KLEBER, Sybille PERSSON
Retaining Gen Y Managers: an Exploratory Study of a Graduate Program
  Volume XXII, Issue 53, 2016, pp. 155--186   Read more
15.  Florent NOËL, Patrice LAROCHE, Sybille PERSSON
Painting as a vector of the quest for meaning. Feedback on the 2012 AGRH congress in Nancy
  Volume XVIII, Issue 46, 2012, pp. 283--289   Read more
16.  Sybille PERSSON
Analyse d’un récit de vie. Ouvrage coordonné par Jean-Claude Filloux et al. PUF, 2005, 169 pages.
  Volume XII, Issue 28, 2006, pp. 211--221   Read more
17.  Mohamed BAYAD, Sybille PERSSON
Support for project leaders through entrepreneurial coaching
  Volume XIII, Issue 31, 2007, pp. 147--168   Read more
18.  Sybille PERSSON
Coaching, between psychoanalysis and Problem Solving
  Volume XII, Issue 27, 2006, pp. 13--20   Read more
19.  Sybille PERSSON
The diversity of representations around entrepreneurship
  Volume XIV, Issue 32, 2008, pp. 241--251   Read more
20.  Sybille PERSSON
Multiform representations of change
  Volume XI, Issue 25, 2005, pp. 39--62   Read more
21.  Sybille PERSSON
Coaching references. Bibliometric analysis of the francophone coaching literature
  Volume XII, Issue 27, 2006, pp. 63--89   Read more
22.  Baptiste RAPPIN, Sybille PERSSON, Yves RICHEZ
20 years of Coaching : an assessment
  Volume XVII, Issue 42, 2011, pp. 21--35   Read more
23.  Sybille PERSSON
Why ethical charters? The example of business coaching
  Volume XIV, Issue 34, 2008, pp. 169--187   Read more
24.  Sybille PERSSON
The coaching project from a heuristic viewpoint
  Volume XV, Issue 37, 2009, pp. 241--262   Read more
25.  Sybille PERSSON
Can the return of the actor augur the emergence of the entrepreneur?
  Volume XIII, Issue 31, 2007, pp. 19--26   Read more
26.  Agnès CECCARELLI, Sybille PERSSON
Organizational Justice in Employment Interviews: Addressing the Justice Paradox
  Volume XXIX, Issue 76, 2023, pp. 5-26   Read more
27.  Steve ORDENER, Sybille PERSSON
“Workindness”: from the theoretical ideal made in USA to a viable reality for 11 French companies.
  Volume XXVIII, Issue 73, 2022, pp.    Read more
Art and Aesthetics in Sustainability Education Insights into Beautifying Management Education with François Jullien
  Volume XXVII, Issue 71, 2021, pp. 75--98   Read more
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